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Interior options

The interior design for Skyon was put together by the respected KOKO bureau’s two architects – Liina Kittask and Raili Paling. There are two options to choose from. Leaning towards either of the offered solutions, clients have an opportunity (if they find it necessary) to bring their own ideas to the table and work in co-operation with the design team on a solution more suitable for their company. All in the name of preserving the general character of the building in all of the office spaces.


is a classic and stylish design solution. The Nordic traits are there in the structure of the furniture. The materials are durable with a respectable dark finish. The main colour is light grey with the accent drops of dusty blue.



is an example of light and bright classic style . The furniture clearly has some Nordic influences. More long-lasting and stern materials were chosen for the project. The main fair-grey tone is brought to live with some accents of dusty pale blue.


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