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The future of inspiration

Are you driven by the excitement that comes from creating out of the box ideas and never-before-seen opportunities?

SKYON is here to take that feeling to completely new heights.

We believe in exceptional and inspirational environments that can lead us to new intellectual play-grounds. SKYON’s pioneering architecture and its singular location in the bustling business heart of Tallinn will elevate your expectations in everything life and business have to offer.

Skyon Expo launch

Skyon Expo highlights building partners. All contributors have the opportunity to tell their story about the Skyon building.

Skyon Expo launches on 22.02.2022

Completed in 2021

Architecture that stands out

SKYON is a 26-floor office building in the heart of Tallinn’s business centre. It is a building that in-spires. So, naturally, SKYON looks different from all the other high-rises in the capital. The slender shape of our unique building speaks of movement, passion and of endless thrive. It is this dynamic shape that inspires you from the moment you step in.

The tower’s unique façade is cleverly abstract in design, inviting all the reflections and light to play on it 24/7.
The façade’s triangular glass windows will protect you against the excessive heat from the sun, while sharing new and breath-taking city views from the entire floor.
As day turns to night, you’ll be surprised once more when discovering a hidden value that trans-forms the dark cityscape into something special.

Fully furbished turnkey offices

Finished offices can be decorated to your liking and may be offered to you fully furbished and equipped with work stations, kitchens, toilets – ready for you to move in and get cracking!

Choose your own interior elements and design everything to your exact taste. The spaces can be connected with stairs if you need an entire floor or more.

Tell us your needs and we will calculate the optimal size for your office and make it work.

Let us know if You’re interested!

MARKO UUEDA / +372 510 0996 / marko.uueda@capitalmill.eu

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